Baruch Roter, MD Training Feedback

Tools for Personal & Professional Happiness Feedback

Feedback from presentation sponsors:

With deep gratitude for your authentic and heartfelt sharing today. You did a really nice job… it clearly struck a chord with so many. I so appreciate your courage and willingness to show up as you. And, it was so well received. ~ DB

Baruch, your openness, willingness to share, and insights into happiness made this first offering a delightful experience ~ TM

Thank you for sharing your deep knowledge, passion and wisdom on cultivating happiness! ~ PD

Feedback sent to organizers from participants:

This was an awesome session!

I’m sure you have already heard this but I wanted you to know that this is one of the best examples of “disruptive innovation” I have seen…  It’s not enough to continue doing what we have always done; a lot of what we have always done in healthcare doesn’t work for many.

That was a terrific presentation.

I now have [the handout] hanging in my office. So often we forget the “little” things and taking time for ourselves.  Thank you for this!

Fantastic speaker, great presentation. Posted the Happiness Handout on my desktop for quick access…a great reminder to slow down, get centered and present.

I am so grateful for the webinar you just gave.  So much great info, thanks!  I have found the benefit of having a positive attitude in life, but this webinar sure did give me extra insight and some really great ways to expand on that.  I especially liked the answer about how to deal with arrogance by being confident and having humility—EXCELLENT!    ~ Wendy Pellett, RN, (United Health Group)

Heartful Healer Retreat Feedback

Wonderful setting, well planned, engaging, nurturing but challenging. It felt like engaging in an activity with old friends or loving family. Retreat brought a new dimension into ways to communicating with others.  It brought the desire to dig more into mindfulness. It has already effected my life and work with patient and co-workers. I listened without trying to fix.  ~ Alina M. Urriola, M.D., MPH, Medical Director Swedish Medical Group Ballinger Primary Care Clinic.

I didn’t know what to expect but arrived with an open mind, ready for new experiences.

I was able to completely relax and felt accepted and safe in the setting amongst the other participants and you! The singing helped everyone feel more grounded and gave us permission to be in touch with our “inner child” (this coming from a pediatrician).  I would be highly interested in attending your future workshops!

I was able to learn techniques for “letting go” of negative forces in my life and find a way to see at least one positive aspect of negative people in my life. As a meditation rookie, I hope to use the techniques I learned to help me be more mindful and de-stress.

I appreciated the positive impact I can have on patients by just mentioning one positive trait that each person has! I will make an effort to send this message each day.

I am inspired by your journey of spirituality and your evolution from Family practice doctor to sharing your knowledge to other medical practitioners. ~ Agnes Wong M.D. FAAP, Swedish Children’s Clinic Edmonds

Very good experience with some suggestions for new horizons to explore as my meditation adventure expands. This gave me some new tools and avenues to explore. I particularly liked the Pair Dialogue and the Release exercise, which I found quite moving. This will add to the already growing positive benefits from my meditation experience. ~ Geoffrey Tyson, M.D., M.B.A., Northwest Pain Management Associates, PLLC, Mountlake Terrace, Washington

I learned a lot about how to reframe challenges and negative thoughts, so that they don’t permeate my life as much.  I am experiencing some personal and professional challenges, so the daily practices and meditation will be of great help. ~ Anonymous Public Health professional

Thank you for the wonderful workshop earlier this month.  I had an amazing time and that was exactly what I needed at that point in my life too. I received a lot of tools that I can add to my tool belt of taking care of myself. It helped remind me that without using some of these essential tools, it is easy to let your health go.  If you’re not doing well, you are not going to be giving the best treatments to your patients or be the best you. By having a balanced routine to take care of yourself, you are more available and functional for your patients and co-workers. I loved your presence and your energy.  You bring a laid back yet spiritual essence that helps this work be easily accepted by others (that are not as open.) ~ Michele Halfhill, EAMP/LAc, Vital Essence Acupuncture, Seattle, WA

I had a wonderful time at the training. I left feeling very well connected to the individuals who shared this experience and very calm and relaxed. I thought the environment was very conducive to the relaxation and connectedness. I benefited mostly by deepening my individual practice of meditation by experimenting with different techniques as guided throughout the training. I am still fairly new to meditation, and it was really beneficial to hear different options for meditation. I also feel more confidence in caring for myself during and after difficult interactions with patients. I feel more confident in taking the steps to make sure I am doing well when I have difficult patient interactions. This improved ability to care for myself will definitely translate to how I calmly and affectionately approach my patients. I really appreciate how you kept us focused as a group and asked us to not talk at the very beginning. I think that helped to start us off as a centered, community group. I really enjoyed journaling about the shadow thoughts and their coexisting benefits. It was such a unique experience to talk to and then listen to someone without any response. It was difficult, but I thought it was a wonderful way to express current thoughts and feelings. ~ Sarika Steinhaus, Nursing Student

What an incredible week I had since last Sunday. I still feel so great and positive from that training! I think that being aware of my body language and taking a breath to center myself before each patient so that I can be completely present will be a great gift to my patients, and something I hope I never forget. ~ Kelly Baxter, Medical Student, University of Washington School of Medicine, Class of 2017

Baruch nurtures the world as a doctor, healer, father and friend. His ability to drop into the wisdom of the heart creates a palpable sense of grounded compassion in any group graced by his presence. His emotional intelligence is complimented by his sharp analytical mind, making him capable of integrating mind with heart, creativity with logic, and intuition with reason. Baruch is an asset to his community and a role model to me. ~ Jay Standish

Heart Opening Journey Feedback

“It was a profound experience, overflowing with wisdom and truth. It has been one of the most significant experiences of spiritual growth in this lifetime for me.”        ~ Alejandro Faerron, Envision Festival 2014 Costa Rica

Just want to let you know I found your Heart Opening Workshop last year at Luminate in New Zealand to be life changing!!! Thank you so much.  ~ S.K.

What a glorious beautiful day with the shadows and luminous light shining down on us, as without, so within. Thank you so much for your offerings and for the way you hold space, and invite us to a place of resonance and discovery together. It is a joy to witness and the road is just beginning. I like your authenticity and playfulness and commitment that comes through deep integrity ~ G.P.

My emotional wound of many years was 90% healed today! ~ J.G.

You saved my marriage! My wife returned from your workshop last week wide open, happy and released from her constriction that was a big challenge in our marriage for years. Thank you so much! ~ C.B.

You are an inspiration to many people here [Luminate Festival, New Zealand] and we learned so much about ourselves from your kind, generous, and open sharing.  ~  M.O., Nelson, New Zealand

I didn’t think I could ever feel as relaxed and happy as I have since your workshop last week. You have changed my life. ~ L.D.

Wow… I actually found myself expanded and transformed in an amazing way, and feeling a depth of energy flow that I hadn’t felt in quite a while. ~ M.J.

Your work is so important. The world needs you! ~ S. L.

Thank you so much for creating such a safe environment for us to open our hearts. Your presence and the exercises and activities all work well to lead me into expanding my connection to myself, the other participants & the universe. ~ B.G.