Empowering Patients: Tools for Effective Partnership & Behavior Change

  • Patient Centered Communication & Behavior Change
  • Use patient-centered communication to establish a successful therapeutic connection.
  • Learn the powerful behavior change tools motivational interviewing & appreciative inquiry.
  • Take back to your patient care efficient ways of working with elements of these methods to easily integrate into your clinical flow and build effective partnership with your patients.

I have a video of this training I can share with interested sponsors.



The Heartful Healer

Mindfulness, Compassion & Happiness Skills for You & Your Work

  • Tools and exercises to help you flow through your work, your relationships and your life more relaxed, happy and effective.

  • Reduce your stress & emotional fatigue as a person & healthcare worker.

  • Learn mindfulness meditation and other methods to cultivate inner peace.

  • Practice new ways to deal with challenges in your life.   

  • Increase your capacity to be fully present and compassionate with your patients without taking on their suffering.

  • Develop skills for ease and success in professional & personal relationships.

  • Personal growth experiences like this make you a more heartful healer, which helps patients relax and trust you.

  • Finish this workshop joyful, renewed, and empowered to use the skills you have learned to enrich your daily life and work.

  • Suitable for practitioners, residents & students of all healing arts

    This workshop is adaptable for health care leadership & all healthcare industry workers who can learn these concepts & skills to reduce stress and increase happiness, efficacy and satisfaction at work and at home.



Mindfulness meditation and self-awareness improve clinicians’ personal  well-being, reduce burnout symptoms, improve mood and increase empathy and psychosocial skills. These patient-centered behaviors are associated with improved patient trust, appropriate prescribing, reduction in health care disparities, and lower health care costs.

Tools for Sustainable Empathy & Successful Doctor-Patient Relationships

This experiential workshop will increase your capacity to develop relaxed and mutually satisfying relationships with patients, and to provide empathetic support for stressed patients without taking on their suffering. You will work alone and in pairs, learn principles and practices such as metta meditation, patient-centered communication and compassionate presence.

Learning objectives:

1.  Participants will learn the theory and utility of mindfulness and presence.

2.  Participants will learn and practice forms of mindfulness meditation.

3.  Participants will experience and practice maintaining quiet, calm, attentive presence with themselves and with others.

4.  Participants will improve their skills at communicating with presence, authenticity and compassion.

5. Participants will learn and practice methods for working with their own and their patients’ suffering.

Heart Opening Journey (suitable for everyone)

Tools for Joyful Living

Imagine feeling peaceful in your mind, activated in your body, and fulfilled in your relationships.

In this powerful workshop, you will learn useful concepts and participate in a variety of experiences that help you

  • Develop calm, openhearted presence
  • Deepen your loving connection with yourself & others
  • Release self-limited stories
  • Develop calm, openhearted presence
  • Connect with your playful & creative inner child
  • Stay centered, calm & compassionate, even through challenges
  • Cultivate flowing & authentic relationships
  • Tune into & enliven your body
  • Live a fully engaged and happy life 

Baruch Brad Roter, MD is a family physician and Clinical Associate Professor at UW Medical School who has studied yoga, meditation and heart-centered spirituality for over 30 years. He has taught personal growth workshops internationally since 2007.