The Heartful Healer

Clinician Vitality & Patient Centered Care


Mindfulness, Compassion & Happiness Skills


Building Effective Partnerships with Patients & Behavior Change

Healthcare workers can develop skills to sustain their enthusiasm and happiness.

The doctor-patient relationship can be profoundly authentic, empathetic and mutually satisfying.

Patient centered care is the key to effective partnerships between clinicians and patients.

Baruch Roter, MD is a family physician who has practiced yoga, meditation and heart-centered spirituality for over 30 years. He teaches mindfulness, stress management, communication skils, patient-centered care and behavior change methods to healthcare workers in support of their happiness, career sustainability, efficacy and patient satisfaction. Baruch has worked for over 30 years in community health centers where he has learned about the suffering caused by the mind’s reaction to physical and emotional pain. He teaches patient-centered care to medical students and medical residents as a Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine with the University of Washington School of Medicine. He has been teaching healthcare workers and the general public internationally since 2007.